We offer FREE Medication Review Service to our patients


The Meds Check program was initially created to serve patients in Ontario who take 3 or more medications for various chronic conditions (such as diabetes).

The program was extended to also serve residents of Long Term Care Homes and home-bound individuals who are unable to make it to their local pharmacy.

Meds Check (In-depth Counselling with Pharmacist)

At this pharmacy we recognize that having to manage multiple medications is not always simple. Patients may have questions regarding the instructions for the medications prescribed to them by their doctor. They may also have concerns with the effectiveness and potential side effects of a particular medication, especially if this medication is taken daily.

The Meds Check program is a thorough review of medications and was designed to alleviate concerns by allowing patients to receive one-on-one counselling appointments with their local pharmacist. These meetings are free of charge and give patients the opportunity to ensure safe and clear guidelines for usage of several types of medication. If a medication requires special directions, these instructions will be printed clearly on the label. Printed materials may also be provided for further reference.

    You are eligible for the Medication Review program if you have a valid Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) card and if any one of these is true:

    • You take three or more prescription medications for a chronic condition.
    • You have been diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.
    • You live in a licensed long-term care home.


If you are eligible for the MedsCheck program but are not able to leave your home to visit our pharmacy

please talk to us about the Medication Review at your Home program.